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Tools for healthcare

Tools For Individuals

Personal Health Desk

Personal Health Desk is a comprehensive personal electronic health record built by a family doctor for use by individuals and families.

Keep track of all health related problems. Maintain your medical history. Remind yourself and your family when your health needs checking or when you need to take medication or renew a prescription...

Personal Diabetes Monitor

Personal Diabetes Monitor is a personal electronic health record for use by individuals with Diabetes Mellitus.

Keep track of Diabetes related health measures. Set goals and see how well you are doing. View a list or chart of the results of your tracked items. Make sure that you have Diabetes related tests and assessments when they are due. Use the Medication Schedule to track what medication you need to take and when. Monitor your Calorie intake and output...

Tools For Medical Practices

INR Desk

INR desk is an electronic record of INR results for use by clinicians. INR Desk is designed for the Windows™ environment.

Diabetic Assist

Diabetic Assist is a cloud (Microsoft Azure) based app that allows providers and patients with Diabetes Mellitus to work together to achieve optimal control of their Diabetes Mellitus.

Clinical Assistants

Clinical Assistants are a collection of medical calculators and links to calculators or scoring tools for use by clinicians.

These software tools have restricted availability.

GP Desk is an electronic medical record and practice management system for use by clinicians. GP Desk is designed for the Windows™ environment.