Personal Health Desk

A personal electronic health record for you and your family

Maintain A Complete Personal/Family Electronic Health Record

  • Store a complete electronic record of your and your family's health history. Each family member has their own set of records.
  • Personal Health Desk includes Alerts, Problems, Diagnoses, Procedures, Tests, Medications, Immunization, Pregnancy, Menstrual history, Journal Notes (including symptoms, signs, joint mannequin, and a skin display), Food eaten and Exercise done, Letters sent, Documents and pictures received and taken, and Billing.

View Your Health Record From Different Perspectives

  • Summary view. A summary of your health record is displayed as a snapshot or continuity of care record with all important information displayed.
  • Journal or Timeline view. A list of all health related events is displayed in reverse chronological order.

Use Personal Health Desk to Monitor and Maintain Your Health

  • Track important health measures. You will be reminded when you need to recheck the tracked item and you will be able to view a list or chart of the results of your tracked items.
  • Use the Medication Schedule to track what medication you need to take and when.
  • Add To Do items to remind you of upcoming appointments or health related events.
  • Create disease management plans with your health providers and store a copy of those plans for later reference.
  • Use clinical tools such as growth charts, child development indicators, cardiac risk calculator etc.

Share Snapshots Of Your Health Record

  • Print or email a customized summary of your medical records to a medical professional.
  • Print a wallet sized summary of your medical records to keep on your person.
  • Run Personal Health Desk from a USB flash drive, keeping the flash drive on your person. Your data on this flash drive can be kept secure through password protection or by using a finger print protected flash drive.
  • You can use a service like GoToMyPC or LogMeIn to run Personal Health Desk via any internet enabled device.

Run Personal Health Desk From Microsoft Windows™

  • Personal Health Desk is designed for Microsoft Windows™ (XP/Vista/7/8/10) and uses a password protected Microsoft Access™ 2003 database. This gives you control over your data and the ability to access that data even if you stop using Personal Health Desk.
  • The installer writes files to the installation directory only. No changes are made outside that directory. To remove Personal Health Desk, you can uninstall the program using the Windows Control Panel, or you can simply delete the installation directory.
  • Personal Health Desk version 5.0 is freely available to currently registered version 2, 3, 4.0, or 4.1 users. Download version 5.0 from the link above and install. Copy the cReg.cds file that you received previously and paste that file into the version 5.0 installation License directory (c:\Program Files\PHDesk50\License or c:\Program Files (x86)\PHDesk50\License for 64bit Windows) and version 5.0 will be licensed for your use. There is an option to import version 4.1 data into version 5.0 using the PH Desk Database Utility program.
  • When you buy Personal Health Desk, you will receive a registration file via email (cReg.cds). You will need to copy and paste this file into the License directory where you have installed Personal Health Desk (usually c:\Program Files\PHDesk50\License or c:\Program Files(x86)\PHDesk50\License for 64bit Windows, but could be a USB flash drive). This method of licensing is trickier than just using a registration code/number but you get greater flexibility - you can install Personal Health Desk on as many of your computers as you like or you can run Personal Health Desk on a USB flash drive on any Windows computer.

Why and how do I build a personal health record?

Download Personal Health Desk

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Update from version 4.1.8 to 5.0

  • Install version 5.0 without uninstalling version 4.1.8 or earlier. Use the PHDesk Database Utility to import data from verssion 4.1.8 into 5.0.
  • In version 5.0, the user interface has been changed to make it easier to use PH Desk on a touch enabled Windows computer. Try the new interface first before importing your data from an earlier version.

Update to version 5.0.5

  • Export option from the Health Summary view allowing you to export all or part of your health record to a number of formats e.g. Excel.
  • Export to Excel option from the All Monitored view.
  • Print immunization list from the Immunization window.

Update to version 5.0.6

  • Medication details window too high for certain screen resolutions - window height reduced.

Update to version 5.0.7

  • Bug fixes including Calorie calculation error when adding an exercise event.
  • Food exchange list added to the options when selecting food.
  • Import csv file into exercise list e.g. fitness device may save data to a csv file.

Update to version 5.0.10

  • Changes to how medications are represcribed.
  • Changes to what is added to the Health Events list and the Calendar view.
  • Bug fixes.

Update to version 5.0.11

  • Save toolbar changes in the main and events views.
  • Search the events summaries.
  • Bug fixes.

Update to version 5.0.12

  • Bug fix: Problem editing tests by double-clicking the test in the Notes/Event window.

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