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Mayo Clinic Minute: Are the yips just nerves or something more? Almost every golfer has experienced it. You're lined up on the green for that perfect putt, when an easy tap-in shot is foiled by a mysterious twitch. Golfers refer to it as "the
Back-to-school health topics to be featured on Mayo Clinic News Network August marks the end of summer for many students and the beginning of a new school year. That fresh start can come with a list of challenges, from giving up gametime to getting
Nap facts: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, sleep specialist Dr. Eric Olson?addresses the ups and downs of naps. To listen, click the link below. Nap facts
Mayo Clinic Q and A: Uterine polyps rarely are cancerous DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I have a few small uterine polyps that my health care provider says are not likely to be cancerous and that I could be reevaluated in six months to see if further
Tuesday Tips: 11 simple ways to avoid golfing injuries Summer golf season is in full swing and if you want to protect your weekend golf game from pesky injuries, here are some tricks to help keep aches and pains away. There's even one
In the Loop: Breast cancer survivors head to Italy for International Dragon Boat Festival A Jacksonville-based dragon boat racing team made up of breast cancer survivors does most of its paddling locally, but a recent event gave the Mammoglams a reason to take their
Mayo Clinic Minute: Why you should pick carrots for good health The main selling point for carrots has been how they protect eyesight. However, Kate Zeratsky, a Mayo Clinic dietitian, says there are many other reasons why this root vegetable
Housecall: Menopause and hormone therapy THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES Hormone therapy: Is it right for you??? Hormone replacement therapy ? medications containing female hormones to replace the ones the body no longer makes
#MayoClinicRadio podcast: 7/28/18 Listen: Mayo Clinic Radio 7/28/18 On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Dr. Pritish Tosh, an infectious diseases specialist at Mayo Clinic, discusses shingles and who should get
Infectious Diseases A-Z: Zika virus cases lower, but virus remains a risk The number of reported Zika virus cases is much lower so far this year than at this point in 2017. However, pregnant women remain advised not to travel to areas where there is a
Mayo Clinic Minute: Weathering migraines What you might call "the dog days of summer" may be something more menacing for a person prone to migraines. Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute Journalists
Sharing Mayo Clinic: Offering support through comforting touch Using the power of touch, more than 100 Caring Hands volunteers provide hand massages to ease stress and provide comfort to patients and caregivers across Mayo Clinic.? One of
Science Saturday: Mayo scientists presenting at Alzheimer's Association conference #AAIC18 About 30 Mayo Clinic scientists are presenting at this week?s Alzheimer?s Association International Conference in Chicago, and another roughly two dozen researchers are
Living With Cancer: Opioids and cancer pain How to use opioids safely Are you talking with your health care provider about taking an opioid for cancer pain??Opioid painkillers are highly addictive, and they are not safe for
Consumer Health: 3 heart-healthy diet myths Don't get tricked by these 3 heart-healthy diet myths? Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S. The food you eat can play a major role in your risk of developing heart
Mayo Clinic Q and A: Lung cancer -- symptoms and prevention DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Are there ever any early signs of lung cancer, or is it usually found only in the later stages? Can anything be done to prevent it other than not smoking? ANSWER
Mayo Clinic Minute: Heirloom tomatoes are the right pick They?re not uniformly shaped, and they vary wildly in color.? Some even have deep scars. And they may be the best tasting thing at your local farmers market. They are heirloom
Women's Wellness: Endometrial cancer -- risk factors, screening, treatment DEAR MAYO CLINIC:?My sister, who is 56, recently was diagnosed with early-stage endometrial cancer. I?m wondering if this kind of cancer runs in families. Could I be at risk for it
Making Mayo's Recipes: Smoked Gouda and vegetable poached egg sandwich Try this great egg sandwich for breakfast or a brunch this weekend. You can also roast peppers by placing them directly over a gas burner or grill for 5 to 10 minutes. Enjoy! Each
Home Remedies: Battling bad breath There are many causes of bad breath, also called halitosis. Your mouth may be the source. The breakdown of food particles and other debris by bacteria in and around your teeth can