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The Week That Wasn&#39;t: 5G Scare, Brain Hacks, Artificial Kidney A quick overview of three medical stories that are worth a mention. <br /> <i>Medscape</i
Brain &#39;Go and Stop&#39; Response May Hone ADHD Diagnosis in Kids The ability to start and delay a task differs significantly between kids with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and typically developing children, new research suggests. <
AI Predicts Long-term Death Risk From Single Chest X-ray Using a single diagnostic image, a new artificial intelligence algorithm predicts 12-year mortality, new data suggested. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Frequent Sleeping Pill Use Linked to Increased Dementia Risk Adults who reported taking sleep meds 5 or more nights per month had a 43% greater risk of developing dementia over 15 years vs their peers who rarely took sleeping pills. <br
More Evidence Links Maternal Migraine to Infant Colic Mothers, but not fathers, with migraine are significantly more likely to have a baby with colic, new research suggests. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
New Guidance on Antipsychotic Choice Choosing the best antipsychotic for individual patients with schizophrenia is challenging. A new meta-analysis seeks to inform that choice by ranking 32 antipsychotics on the basis
&#39;Striking&#39; Benefit of Intranasal Insulin in Slowing Dementia Extension trial showed striking results at 18 months in patients with mild cognitive impairment or dementia using a particular insulin delivery device. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical
Could Cheap Drug Metformin Prevent Dementia in Black Patients? African American patients with diabetes started on metformin showed a marked reduction in dementia compared with those on a sulfonylurea, with the 50-64 year age group showing a 40
Menstrual Cups Safe, Effective, and Largely Unknown Menstrual cups are at least as effective at collecting menstrual blood as sanitary pads and tampons, yet a pervasive lack of awareness of the cups hinders widespread use. <br
&#39;Wake Up Call&#39;: Early Adult Health May Set Path for Later CVD "This analysis brings the field 1 step closer to the 'holy grail' of a direct link between early life exposures and cardiovascular events," experts said. <br /> <i>
Most New Drugs Show No Evidence of Added Benefit Most new drugs entering the market have shown no added benefit over the existing standard of care, with psychiatry and neurology drugs showing the worst numbers, new research
Heavy Alcohol Use May Triple Dementia Risk Female military veterans with alcohol use disorder were three times more likely to develop dementia compared to their counterparts who did not engage in heavy alcohol use. <br
Fournier Gangrene, Genitourinary Infection With SGLT2i: ADA 2019 SGLT2 inhibitors carry warnings about Fournier gangrene (a necrotizing fasciitis of the genitalia), genital fungal infections, and UTIs. What new data were presented at the 2019
Alzheimer&#39;s Blood Test on the Horizon The global race to create an inexpensive and accessible blood test for Alzheimer disease is heating up. Experts project that such a test could be available in just a few years. <
New Payment Plan for GA Hospital System: 25% Upfront for Some Patients Piedmont Healthcare says the patients who will face the new charge fall into two categories: those whose are uninsured and pay for their own care and those who have insurance with
Universal Test and Treat Won&#39;t Stop HIV Epidemic In recent years, 3 large studies tested the idea that scaling up HIV testing and offering treatment immediately might halt new infections. Researchers grapple with whether test-and
Biological Basis for the &#39;Female Advantage&#39; in Alzheimer&#39;s The female brain is more efficient then the male brain in the early stages of dementia, which may explain the female advantage when it comes to maintaining verbal memory. <br /> <
FDA Clears Low-Level Laser Device for &#39;Whole Body&#39; Pain The FDA has granted marketing clearance for a low-level laser device for the treatment of "whole body" musculoskeletal pain, the manufacturer has announced. <br /> <i>
CSF Shunt Hazard With Close Proximity to Hearing Devices The FDA is warning healthcare providers about potential hazards associated with CSF shunts when in close proximity to implantable hearing devices that contain magnets. <br /> <i>
Safety Lapses Spurred Septic Knee Arthritis Outbreak Forty-one patients who received intra-articular injections at a private outpatient osteoarthritis clinic contracted this rare condition, an investigation showed. <br /> <i>