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EU Panel Backs Market Withdrawal of Fenspiride Due to Heart Risk The European Medicines Agency's Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee recommended revoking marketing authorizations for fenspiride medicines, preventing them from being
EMA Puts Temporary Restrictions on Tofacitinib Due to PE Risk The EMA's safety committee advises physicians not to prescribe the 10-mg twice-daily dose of tofacitinib to patients who are at high risk for pulmonary embolism, pending results of
FDA OKs Teduglutide for Children With Short Bowel Syndrome Teduglutide is the only glucagon-like peptide-2 analog approved that improves intestinal absorption in patients with short bowel syndrome who are dependent on parenteral support
High Vitamin B6, B12 May Increase Hip Fracture Risk A combined high intake of vitamins B6 and B12 was linked to an increased hip fracture risk, a study found. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
The Week That Wasn&#39;t: DBS, Algorithms, Trichomegaly Read the latest on deep brain stimulation for addiction treatment, machine learning to predict cardiovascular events, and unusual eyelash growth after cancer treatment. <br /> <i>
High Juice Consumption May Up Mortality Risk Despite fruit juice's reputation as a healthier alternative to soda, the sugar in fruit juice may be just as dangerous, study shows. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
&#39;Unprecedented&#39; Rise in Suicide Rates Among Young Girls Suicide rates among young girls have tripled over a 15-year period, results of a new study from the CDC show. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Guidelines Nix Annual TB Testing for Most Healthcare Workers Healthcare workers should be tested for tuberculosis when they are hired and should be retested only after an occupational exposure, according to new CDC guidelines. <br /> <i>
New App Boosts Kids&#39; Asthma Management After 1 year of use, e-AT helped prevent severe attacks, reduced school absences and lost work time, cut hospital admissions, and improved quality of life. <br /> <i>Medscape
Mild Hypothyroidism Being Overtreated, Avoid Pills, Says Panel In a "strong recommendation," an international panel of experts advise that patients with subclinical hypothyroidism should not be routinely prescribed levothyroxine
INS 2019 Read clinically focused news coverage of key developments from INS 2019 <br /> <i>Medscape Nurses</i
Are Smartphone Pics Good Enough in Pediatric Dermatology? Dr Patrick McMahon describes his study finding that diagnosis of pediatric skin conditions based on smartphone photos has good concordance with in-person diagnosis. <br /> <i>CHOP
Very Obese Teens: Promote or Postpone Gastric Bypass? The decision on whether to recommend bariatric surgery for adolescents with severe obesity or postpone it to adulthood needs to be made after careful consideration of harms vs
Reduced-Fat, Balanced Diet May Cut Death Risk From Breast Cancer Data from the Women's Health Initiative indicate that eating a low-fat diet with fruits, vegetables, and grains reduces the relative risk for death from breast cancer in
New WHO Dementia Guidelines Released New guidelines issued by the World Health Organization recommend lifestyle change as the primary way to reduce the risk for cognitive decline and dementia. <br /> <i>Medscape
Docs Drop Screenings as the Day Wears On--Give &#39;em a Break? Doctors are less likely to order screening tests for patients seen near the end of the day. Perhaps they shouldn't be ordering these tests at all, says Perry Wilson. <br /> <i>
Challenges and Successes Abound in Rural Healthcare The National Rural Health Association's annual conference in Atlanta will highlight economic issues surrounding small town medical facilities; in Georgia, seven rural hospitals
ATS 2019 Read clinically focused news coverage of key developments from ATS 2019 <br /> <i>Medscape Pulmonary Medicine</i
Do Clinicians Need Additional Conscience Protections? A new rule shoring up conscience protections for healthcare professionals raises concerns for patient care. <br /> <i>Medscape Reader Polls</i
Antibiotics After Assisted Vaginal Delivery Reduce Infections Prophylactic antibiotics administered at the time of assisted vaginal delivery can reduce the risk of maternal infection, a study found. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i