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FDA OKs Triclabendazole for Tropical Disease Fascioliasis Fascioliasis (liver fluke infestation) is a waterborne and foodborne neglected tropical disease affecting an estimated 2.4 million people worldwide, with an additional 180 million
Sepsis Death Common, Often Unpreventable Sepsis deaths were common, but most were unpreventable and related to underlying illness; an expert urges caution when interpreting results and calls for more research to improve
Vaccine Storage Too Often Fails to Meet Standards Some vaccines being transported to clinics in California were found to be frozen, thereby lowering their effectiveness; in the past 13 months alone, 117 kids received possibly
Hip, Spine Fractures Hit Women's Long-Term Quality of Life The impact of fragility-related fractures on quality of life in people aged 50 or older persists for years after the initial injury, with women potentially never recovering, say
NSAID Kidney Risk Underestimated in Young, Active Adults High doses of prescribed NSAIDS are linked to increased risk of potentially preventable cases of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease in active young adults. <br /> <i>
EU Panel Recommends Fenspiride Suspension Because of Heart Risks The potential risk of serious heart rhythm problems associated with fenspiride prompts the EMA's safety committee to recommend suspending its use pending further review. <br /> <
Hunger Hormone Protective Against MCI, Alzheimer&#39;s? Cholecystokinin, a little-studied amino acid involved in appetite regulation, specifically satiety, may protect against mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. <br /> <
Majority of Knee, Hip Replacements Last 25 Years According to two recent studies, a majority of knee and hip replacements can be expected to last for 25 years. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Docs Say Gender-Questioning Kids Need Better Science Physicians call for a moratorium on the use of hormone treatment in transgender youth, but experts in the field insist that medical therapy is vital for those with persistent
One Third of Hospital Inpatients Underfed One in three inpatients ate a quarter of their meal or less, putting them at risk for malnutrition, a study found; the results were twice as alarming for patients who ate none of
MRSA Decolonization Reduces Postdischarge Infection Risk A new study finds that decolonization of MRSA carriers following discharge from the hospital can reduce the risk of developing an infection in the subsequent year. <br /> <i>
Lithium for Bipolar Maintenance &#39;Safe, Tolerable&#39; in Kids Lithium is safe and tolerable as maintenance therapy in children with bipolar disorder, new research suggests. However, a few concerns about the study have been flagged. <br /> <i
Aerobic Exercise May Speed Concussion Recovery in Teens A new randomized trial adds evidence supporting the recovery benefits of subthreshold aerobic exercise for adolescents following a sports-related concussion. <br /> <i>Medscape
Countries Use Novel Strategies to Tackle Price of HCV Drugs Both Australia and Brazil have rolled out innovative strategies to lower the cost of high-priced direct-acting antivirals, with the goal of treating all patients with hepatitis C
Should We Forgive the Virginia Governor&#39;s Youthful Bad Acts? Remember, everything you've done in the past is discoverable in the Internet age, Art Caplan warns. <br /> <i>Medscape Business of Medicine</i
Higher Fruit, Vegetable Consumption Tied to Well-being A longitudinal analysis of more than 40,000 British people has concluded that both the quantity and frequency of fruit/vegetable consumption affects mental well-being. <br /> <i>
Historic Change Imminent in Food Allergy, Asthma Treatments Biologics, gene therapy, alterations to the microbiome, and immunotherapy are all dramatically changing the way allergy and asthma will be treated. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News
Newer HCV Drugs Reduce Mortality, Liver Cancer Risk Treatment with direct-acting antivirals appears to reduce the risk of death and liver cancer among patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV), including those with cirrhosis
FDA Panels Endorse Ketamine Spray for Resistant Depression Two FDA panels jointly recommended esketamine 28-mg single-use nasal spray for the patients with treatment-resistant depression. <br /> <i>News Alerts</i
New Lessons About Education Levels and Dementia Risk A unique study that combined clinical measures of cognition with autopsy findings suggests more education may not protect against dementia or the rate of cognitive decline later in