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FDA Expands Use of PCT Test to Guide ABX Use in Respiratory Infections The Vidas Brahms PCT assay can help determine whether antibiotic treatment should be started or stopped in cases of lower respiratory tract infections and stopped in cases of
Morning Report: Low Back Pain, Visceral Fat, Mammograms Dr Arefa Cassoobhoy highlights some of this week's most important medical news: new ACP guidelines on low back pain, using waist/hip ratios to predict risk, and the harms of false-
Medicine Meets the Oscars Do you know these medically themed Academy Award-winning films? <br /> <i>Medscape Family Medicine</i
Does Zika Harm Male Fertility? Researchers at the CDC are working with a fertility clinic in Puerto Rico, which has been hard-hit by Zika, to determine if men infected by the virus have lower sperm counts or
Removing Barriers to Pain Relief in Older Adults Approaches to pain have shifted from concerns about undertreatment to concerns about overprescribing. Where can we find the balance for older adults? <br /> <i>Medscape Nurses</i
If Insulin Is Safe, Why Are Patients Afraid of It? How can we address patients' fears about insulin? Dr Shubrook speaks with Dr Jim LaSalle about the benefits of earlier use of insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes. <br /> <i>
BP Targets in Older Patients: Many Guidelines, Much Confusion What's an appropriate systolic blood pressure goal in older patients? There are multiple recommendations, ranging from <150 to <120 mm Hg. We asked hypertension expert Dr Messerli
Managing Obesity in Primary Care: When It&#39;s Time for Gastric Bypass In the third installment of this series on managing obesity in primary care, Drs Vega and Apovian discuss the surgical approach. <br /> <i>Medscape Family Medicine</i