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COVID-19 Daily: New Hydroxychloroquine Data, Dire PPE Shortages These are the coronavirus stories you need to know about today. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Fauci Predicts 100K-plus Potential COVID-19 Deaths in US Dr Anthony Fauci's prediction would take the death toll well past that of the average seasonal flu. The federal government is considering rolling back guidelines on social
Steps to Boost Your Facility&#39;s Capacity Before COVID-19 Surge Hits A physician leader and a health workforce expert offer recommendations in preparing for an expected rise in COVID-19 cases. Knowledge about local trends in infection rates is key
Survey Shows Just How Dire PPE Shortages Are at Many Hospitals Only 12% of facilities surveyed have received supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile, researchers from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and
COVID-19: Telemedicine Gets Real, Real Fast Across Neurology In the face of COVID-19, neurologists working in stroke, epilepsy, dementia, and other subspecialties are tasked with a quick pivot from in-office patient visits to a new era of
COVID-19 Daily: Ventilator Rationing, Fast-Turnaround Tests These are the coronavirus stories you need to know about today. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
HHS Investigating Complaints Over Ventilator Rationing in Disabled Advocates say that ventilator plans discriminate against people with mental and physical disabilities. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
FDA Approves Test That Can Detect Coronavirus in Minutes The US Food and Drug Administration granted the approval under its Emergency Use Authorization. Abbott said it will start distribution next week and will ramp up manufacturing to
FDA OKs Emergency Use of Convalescent Plasma for COVID-19 Patients As the number of US patients infected with COVID-19 continues to rise, the FDA is facilitating access to COVID-19 convalescent plasma for use in patients with serious or life-
High Anxiety in America Over COVID-19 Survey results show COVID-19 is affecting many Americans' mental health, which is not surprising. But one expert warns that if the pandemic goes on much longer anxiety levels could
Coronavirus Social: Patient Questions, Daily Dispatch, Infographics Here are some of the top-trending COVID-19 topics dominating the social media conversation among clinicians. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
COVID-19 Daily: A Hospitalist&#39;s Advice, Fighting an &#39;Infodemic&#39; These are the coronavirus stories you need to know about today. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Physicians Seek to Reassure Amid Hydroxychloroquine Shortage Concerns over shortages have prompted the American College of Rheumatology and othe groups to send a joint statement to President Trump and the nation's governors asking for
EMA Says Stay on Angiotensin Drugs During COVID-19 Pandemic The guidance follows similar advice issued by other European and American cardiology societies in light of reports questioning a connection to the virus. <br /> <i>News Alerts</i
US Autism Rates Up Nearly 10%, But This May Be a Good Thing US autism rates have increased nearly 10% over 4 years, an indicator of improved early screening and diagnosis, and better detection in minorities. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical
More Evidence Points to Acupuncture&#39;s Benefit for Migraine Although research has shown little difference between manual and sham acupuncture, use of a nonpenetrating sham intervention in acupuncture-naïve subjects could explain a new study
An Aspirin a Day Does Not Keep Dementia at Bay Daily low-dose aspirin as prevention therapy takes another hit, this time for not reducing risk of Alzheimer's disease or cognitive impairment in a large randomized study. <br
COVID-19 &#39;Infodemic&#39;: Researchers Step Up to Stop the Spread Canadian scientists are researching ways of fighting the proliferation of misinformation about COVID-19, which is spreading almost as quickly as the virus itself. <br /> <i>
The Week That Wasn&#39;t in COVID-19: 17 Days, Peak in 3 Weeks, Croc Three medical stories that we didn't cover, explained. <br /> <i>Medscape</i
Medical Meetings May Be Forever Changed COVID-19 has caused medical conferences to be canceled this spring. Some regular attendees are expressing relief. Will this disruption lead to lasting changes? <br /> <i>Medscape