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ER Doctor, Pharmacist Among Dead in Chicago Hospital Shooting Doctors unite in mourning on Twitter and vent at the NRA, using #ThisIsOurLane. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Mediterranean Diet Tied to Reduced Alzheimer&#39;s Pathology Adherence to the Mediterranean diet is significantly associated with a reduction over time in beta-amyloid accumulation, a biomarker of cerebral Alzheimer's disease pathology, new
Blood Test May Flag Concussion but Sex, Race Influence Results Serum biomarkers may aid in the diagnosis of sports-related concussion but sex and race need to be considered in order to accurately interpret and effectively manage such patients
Most US Adults Sit 6 or More Hours Per Day and Are Inactive Nearly half of adults in a large sample of US residents spent a large proportion of their time sitting or being inactive. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
FDA OKs Gamifant, First Drug for Rare Immune Disease HLH Emapalumab is an interferon gamma-blocking antibody that fills an unmet medical need for patients with primary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, the FDA says. <br /> <i>FDA
Nerve Surgery May Restore Function in Kids With Polio-Like Virus Surgery in which a donor nerve is attached to muscles that are paralyzed by acute flaccid myelitis is helping some children regain function. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Obesity Itself Increases Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease Clinicians should continue to emphasize the importance of weight loss, say US scientists after showing in a meta-analysis that obesity itself increases the risk of type 2 diabetes
Prehospital Cooling Not Linked to Better Survival After OHCA Prehospital cooling with a transnasal device after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is safe but not significantly associated with cognitively intact survival, PRINCESS trial
Physicians, NPs, and PAs Provide Same Quality Care Patients with diabetes achieve similar intermediate disease outcomes regardless of whether their primary care provider is a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant
Weight History Will Help Determine Risk of Early Death Assessments based on a person's maximum BMI over decades show obesity, but not stable overweight, is linked to premature death. Keeping a stable weight seems best. <br /> <i>
Physicians Continue #ThisIsOurLane Pushback Against NRA The editors of Annals of Internal Medicine affirm physicians' right to be involved in reducing gun violence, while surgeons publish new recommendations. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical
Arthritis Strikes 1 in 3 Adults with Prediabetes According to a recent study, almost one-third of Americans with prediabetes have arthritis. And half of these individuals with both conditions are physically inactive or have
Novel &#39;Blended Therapy&#39; May Help Cut High-Dose Opioid Use Resurrecting an older analgesic and adding high-dose codeine and other drugs to curb side effects reduce opioid intake without withdrawal or increased pain, new research suggests
&#39;Food Insecurity&#39; Linked to Pain Conditions Users of food banks who also have a pain condition are often concerned about having enough to eat before running out of money, new research suggests. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical
Meditation May Best Gold Standard Therapy for PTSD Prolonged exposure therapy is the gold standard treatment for veterans with PTSD. Investigators found transcendental meditation is at least as effective in reducing symptoms and
FDA Approves New Drug for Traveler&#39;s Diarrhea (Aemcolo) Aemcolo (rifamycin) is indicated to treat adults with travelers' diarrhea caused by noninvasive strains of E. coli and not complicated by fever or blood in the stool. <br /> <i>
Migraine With Aura Linked to Increased Risk for AF Migraine with visual aura appears to increase the risk for incident atrial fibrillation (AF), a connection that may place this population at increased risk for subsequent ischemic
New Peanut Allergy Drug Shows Unprecedented Success Two-thirds of children and adolescents could tolerate two peanuts after a year of immunotherapy, results from the phase 3 PALISADE study show, which could protect them from
ADA Releases Comprehensive Type 2 Diabetes Guidelines for Youth Type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents is fundamentally different from that in adults and requires a more holistic approach that is focused on long-term care and takes into
Downward Trend in US Infant Mortality Rates Stalls Low birthweight accounts for the highest rate of newborn deaths in the United States. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i