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Despite Dangers, Docs Continue to Co-Prescribe Benzos, Opioids Despite well-known dangers and recommendations to the contrary, benzodiazepines and opioids are still commonly co-prescribed. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
FDA Panel Split on Approval of Non-Opioid for Surgical Pain A US Food and Drug Administration advisory panel was split on recommending approval of bupivacaine to control post-surgical pain. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
FDA Approves CVD Benefit for Once-Weekly Semaglutide Information regarding cardiovascular safety was also added to the label of the daily oral semaglutide formulation. <br /> <i>FDA Approvals</i
People With Diabetes in Hong Kong Living Longer, Except the Young Researchers reports an over 50% drop in overall death rates among people with diabetes living in Hong Kong from 2001-2016; younger people with diabetes less likely to experience
Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia Linked to Lower Morality Risk? It's widely assumed antipsychotics increase the risk of CVD and early death in patients with schizophrenia. However, new findings suggest the opposite may be true and that these
Higher Vaccine Coverage Tied to Mandatory Vaccination in Europe Unlike the United States, most European vaccine mandates involved financial penalties, and the magnitude of the penalty was associated with greater immunization coverage. <br /> <
New Head Injury Data Reinforce Restricted Antipsychotic Use New data on head injury support evidence-based guidance to restrict antipsychotic use in patients with dementia to those with the most severe neuropsychiatric symptoms, and for a
Weight, Major Psychiatric Disorders Genetically Linked Among individuals with major psychiatric disorders, genetic risk variants are associated with either increased or decreased body mass index. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Less Tongue Fat From Weight Loss May Help Sleep Apnea New treatments for targeting tongue fat reduction, possibly particular diets or cold therapies, should be considered, researchers say. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Major Financial Impact, Disability Tied to Post-TBI Epilepsy Epilepsy that develops following traumatic brain injury (TBI) significantly increases the risk for disability and boosts healthcare costs, new research suggests. <br /> <i>
Of Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, Which Docs Have Highest Burnout? Almost half of physicians of all ages said they would take a pay cut for better work-life balance, according to the results of a new Medscape survey. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical
FDA Accepting Less Data, More Surrogate Endpoints in Trials Less stringent clinical trial requirements and expedited pathways have come with positive and negative results, an editorialist writes. He suggests ways to reform the reform. <br
Opioid Dropped After Thumbs Down From FDA Advisory Panel Following a unanimous vote by an FDA advisory panel against recommending approval of a new opioid, the company has withdrawn its NDA and announced it will make no further
Two Fish-Oil Candidates Fail Late-Stage Tests AstraZeneca stops trial of omega-3 carboxylic acids (Epanova) for mixed dyslipidemia; Acasti Pharma trial of omega-3 phospholipid (CaPre) fails to meet end point in severe
Living in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Linked to Brain Atrophy There is a 'robust' link between living in a disadvantaged neighborhood and developing brain atrophy over time, a finding that carries potential implications for cognitive function
Diet and Mental Health: The Evidence to Date Although diet can influence mental health and cognition, "many common beliefs about the health effects of certain foods are not supported by solid evidence," researchers
Have the Blockbuster Diabetes Drug Trials Been Biased? A recent article from Japan is the latest to point out imbalances in the study arms of the FDA-mandated cardiovascular outcomes trials of newer type 2 diabetes medications. <br
Three Simple Things to Improve Cancer Care A breast cancer surgeon developed breast cancer — and a vision of what patients need from clinicians. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
Should Doctors&#39; Rights Come Before Patients&#39; Rights? Is it okay for a physician to refuse to provide certain kinds of care because of personal moral or religious beliefs? Art Caplan debates the issue with Drs Sandeep Jauhar and Cheyn
Are Your Patients Taking CBD? There is not much science-based information physicians can offer patients about cannabidiol (CBD), but many may be interested in trying it. <br /> <i>Medscape Reader Polls</i