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EMA Panel Backs Netarsudil for Elevated Intraocular Pressure An EMA advisory panel recommended marketing authorization for netarsudil ophthalmic solution 0.02% for the treatment of adults with glaucoma or ocular hypertension. <br /> <i>
EMA Panel Backs Anesthetic Spray for Premature Ejaculation Senstend, a spray containing lidocaine/prilocaine, can improve ejaculatory control and sexual satisfaction and reduce distress related to ejaculation, the EMA said. <br /> <i>
EMA Panel Backs Belimumab for Children With Lupus An EMA panel recommended extending the indication for belimumab to children aged 5 years and older with systemic lupus erythematosus. <br /> <i>International Approvals</i
EU Panel Votes to Expand Dulaglutide Indication Based on REWIND The panel also recommends approval of Qtrilmet, a fixed-dose combination of metformin hydrochloride/saxagliptin/dapagliflozin for treatment of type 2 diabetes. <br /> <i>
FDA OKs Packaging for OTC Loperamide to Help Stem Misuse, Abuse The changes to Imodium A-D, Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief, and Be Health Loperamide HCl Capsules limit each carton to no more than 48 mg of loperamide and require unit-dose blister
New Drug Pricing Bill Allows Negotiation With Pharma Lawmakers are exploring ways to cut drug prices. Major changes in law may be unlikely near-term, but Congress might be able to take a step soon, like capping seniors' Medicare Part
Trump Executive Order Aims to Speed Flu Vaccine Development The order creates a new task force charged with coming up with a 5-year plan. <br /> <i>Medscape Medical News</i
FDA OKs &#39;Game-Changer&#39; Oral GLP-1 Agonist for Type 2 Diabetes Semaglutide is the first oral glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist. Previously, drugs of this class were available only as injectables. The approval is expected to increase
The Week That Wasn&#39;t: Cold Cure, Sickle Cell, Polluted Placenta Three medical stories that we didn't cover, explained. <br /> <i>Medscape</i
Brutal Toll of Osteoporotic Fractures Revealed in New NOF Report Osteoporotic fractures are responsible for more hospitalizations than heart attacks, strokes, and breast cancer. "The biggest that things are worse than we
CAROLINA Published: Reaffirms Sulfonylurea Cardiovascular Safety The study, presented to a European audience of diabetologists at EASD and simultaneously published in JAMA, reaffirms the CV safety of glimepiride, with calls for FDA warning to be
Novel Drug Impresses in Postpartum Depression Phase 3 Trial Women with postpartum depression may experience significant reductions in symptoms after just 3 days of taking a novel neuroactive steroid, new research suggests. <br /> <i>
Valley Fever on the Rise and Spreading, CDC Says The number of valley fever cases has grown almost 75% since 2014, and the Coccidioides fungus has been reported as far north as central Washington, according to the CDC. <br /> <i
FDA Launches Criminal Probe as Vaping-Related Illnesses Top 500 There are now 530 confirmed and probable cases of lung injury associated with e-cigarettes and vaping products in the United States, as federal and state authorities continue
AAN Calls for Annual Cognitive Testing; USPSTF Begs to Differ A new AAN guideline calling for annual cognitive testing in all adults age 65 or older runs contrary to a recommendation by the USPSTF that claims there is not enough evidence to
Regular Exercise May Slow Progression to Alzheimer&#39;s Aerobic exercise slows hippocampal atrophy and improves memory in some older patients at high risk for Alzheimer disease, but stretching also benefits the brain. <br /> <i>
Alzheimer&#39;s Drug Linked to Potentially Serious Muscle Condition Results of a large population-based cohort study support regulatory agency warnings about the risk for donepezil-induced rhabdomyolysis, a rare but potentially life-threatening
Once a Tiny Fraction of US Approvals, Cancer Drugs Now Dominate In the 1980s, cancer drugs accounted for the smallest share of US approvals among the four major therapeutic classes. In the last decade, they had the largest share — by far. <br
Novel Agent Imeglimin Improves Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes The first-in-class "glimin" works at the mitochondrial level, targeting multiple defects in type 2 diabetes. Initial Phase 3 trials are ongoing in Japan, with studies
Data in EHRs Don&#39;t Match Physicians&#39; Exam, Study Suggests Only about 40% of review of systems and 50% of physical examination systems were corroborated by direct observation in a small study of emergency visits. <br /> <i>Medscape